ACLU Sues to Allow Abortions Based on Race, Who’s the Racist Now?
On May 29, the ACLU filed suit (on behalf of two civil rights groups) to stop an Arizona pro-life law. This law, passed in 2011, is designed to prohibit doctors and abortion providers from performing abortions that they know are based on the gender or race of the child.

One could reasonably assume that all Americans – and civil rights groups in particular – would oppose targeting any human being for death based simply on her gender or race. Sadly, in the face of abortion, we can no longer make reasonable assumptions.

While somewhere between 77-86% of Americans agree with banning abortions based on gender, the ACLU has determined to rebel against this basic ideal of a civilized society. To the ACLU, abortion on demand apparently means that abortion done for any reason – no matter how outrageous – must be fully supported.

It’s a sad day in America when leading civil rights groups take a stand on the side of gendercide and blatant racism. Yet this is one more horrible direction where abortion leads us.

Arizona’s law does not penalize women who seek abortions based on the gender or race of their child. It only penalizes the abortionist. Despite this obvious fact, the executive director of one of the civil rights groups the ACLU is representing stated:

‘This law is clearly a wolf in sheep’s clothing that purports to be about achieving equality for women when in reality it’s an attempt to control our reproductive decisions-making,’ said Miriam Yeung, NAPAWF’s executive director. ‘We hope the judgment in this case will expose the true intentions of the politicians behind these abortion bans and show unequivocally that they discriminate against women of color, Asian-American and African-American in particular.’

The only effect this law would have on women is to stop them from aborting their child based on the child’s gender or race. Women are simply not penalized under the law. Yet, the ACLU and its allies would have Americans believe that women are being targeted and discriminated against. Instead, gendercide and racism are being banned, and doctors who would knowingly kill a child for these reasons are being justly punished.

Sounds like justice, equality, and civility – not discrimination. In short, it sounds like Arizona is actually doing something that the ACLU only claims to do: defending the civil rights of unprotected human beings.

There’s a lot that could be discussed surrounding Arizona’s law and the ACLU’s suit. We could consider the ridiculousness of the ACLU’s claim that it is discriminatory to ban a certain race from killing themselves off. (Apparently, the ACLU would prefer a free-for-all when it comes to terminating one’s own race.)

We could talk about how silly it is for the ACLU to cry “discrimination” simply because the statistics seem to indicate that African-Americans and Asian-Americans will be stopped from more abortions than other races will be. (Apparently, the ACLU believes that laws shouldn’t have the effect of stopping those who might most commonly violate the law.)

But here’s the bottom line. The ACLU’s lawsuit is a perfect illustration of the outrageousness of abortion on demand. The only way to support abortion on demand, without any restrictions, is to support it for any reason under the sun. And this obviously includes gendercide and racism.

A comment posted on the Huffington Post, below an article on the ACLU’s suit, sums up perfectly what supporters of abortion on demand truly believe:

Snuffing out an unwanted fetus is a good thing. [For any reason. Any reason at all.]

LifeNews Note: Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life activist in her home state of Colorado, a pro-bono attorney for Life Legal Defense Fund, and a stay-at-home mom. This column originally appeared at Live Action News and is reprinted with permission.

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